Who We Are


Veteran Advocacy Support Team

VAST Solutions, LLC is a Certified SDVOSB comprised of capable,

dedicated experts and advisory professionals with unmatched standards of quality and expertise.


Empowering veterans, driving opportunities, and forging a future of inclusive prosperity. At VAST Solutions, we envision a world where every veteran has the resources and support needed to thrive as an entrepreneur, and where government agencies seamlessly connect with certified veteran-owned businesses to fulfill their procurement goals. Our vision is to be the leading catalyst for veteran empowerment and economic growth, creating a legacy of service, integrity, and excellence in our communities and beyond.


At VAST Solutions, our mission is to serve as a dedicated advocate and partner for veterans and government agencies alike. We are committed to empowering veterans by providing comprehensive support, resources, and opportunities for entrepreneurship. Simultaneously, we strive to assist government agencies in meeting their contracting objectives by facilitating connections with certified veteran-owned businesses. Through our unwavering dedication to integrity, innovation, and inclusivity, we aim to foster economic empowerment, honor the service of our veterans, and build stronger, more resilient communities.


We are driven by a deep commitment to serving our veterans and supporting them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.


We conduct ourselves with the highest standards of honesty, ethics, and transparency in all aspects of our operations.


We believe in empowering veterans to achieve their full potential by providing them with the resources, guidance, and opportunities they need to succeed.


We foster a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and partnership, recognizing that collective efforts yield greater impact than individual ones.


We embrace innovation and continuous improvement, constantly seeking new and creative ways to address the evolving needs of veterans and government agencies.


Diversity and Inclusion:
We celebrate diversity in all its forms and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute.


We are dedicated to excellence in everything we do, setting high standards for ourselves and consistently delivering exceptional results.


We are adaptable and agile, able to navigate change and challenges with resilience and flexibility.


We believe in the power of community and are committed to building strong, supportive networks that enrich the lives of veterans and their families.


We measure our success not only by financial metrics but also by the positive impact we have on the lives of veterans, government agencies, and the communities we serve.

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